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(Secure Socket Layer)


Give your customers the confidence to use your website securely with an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate gives a user additional security by encrypting any information sent from your website to the server.

An SSL gives you the advantage of increasing user trust, reducing shopping cart abandonment and the new visual elements build a bond of trust that can boost customer loyalty and future revenue.

SSL certificates are an additional option for our e-commerce sites, and also a useful addition to any website that wants to give users an additional re-assurance that personal data is protected during collection.

Please give us a call or use our Online Contact form to request further details and we’ll be happy to talk to you about our SSL options.

SSL Features 

Our industry-leading SSLs offer the following:

  • 2048 bit encryption
  • EV (extended validation) – green bar as an optional extra
  • Trustlogo – visual logo on your site
  • SSL is linked to your domain name