Five Steps To A Successful Website


Business Analysis – Whenever you’re designing your website, you first move should be to explore your audience to gain an understanding of who they are. You want to cater to their needs and their expectations. This way you can decide on what approach is best for maximizing the lifetime value of your audience. It’s important that you gather the requirements of your clients and then develop yourself a requirement specification. Your requirement specifications can then be refined over a series of review processes until all the requirements have been identified and are understood.

Formulating A Web Strategy – It’s not enough to just understand the requirements. It could be that the most vital step in your web designing process is in formulating a good strategy for your site. Unfortunately a lot of web enterprises do not take the time or put in the effort to formulate a proper strategy for a customer’s business, and they create websites that are unable to support the business objectives of their clients. If you don’t strategise your business ideas in regard to the market trends, you’ll wind up having a site that is far less effective and might even lead to absolute disaster.

Content Development – This is like an art. Unlike the way some web design companies just manage information, you need to identify what your audience likes and then determine how much, the quality, the clarity, and the relevance needed to make your content attractive to them.

Verifying A Unified Solution – It’s important that you verify your site as being a unified solution for your business needs. Any websites being developed need to be tested and the tests should be made by experts who can validate these websites in areas like navigation, page layout, multimedia, functionality, browser compatibility, accessibility, and also W3C Compliance.

For eCommerce as well as web application, the focus should be on security testing and reliability in addition to all these things mentioned above concerning the parameters for ensuring a total unified solution.

Custom Web Design/Re-Design – Custom web design isn’t just a small step involving the creation of an attractive design. It’s not just a good enough design to meet the customer’s business needs. Anything that is only ‘good enough’ is simply ‘not enough’! Your website needs to be centred on the customer’s experience. It also needs to attract the right audience for generating a good ROI.

Standing Out From The Rest – It’s not enough to just have a website. You need to distinguish yourself from the pack. Can people find you online? It does no good to fulfil all your business objectives with your site if nobody can find you on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Once you have the kind of website that stands out from the rest – you are on the top of the cliff and stand out from your competition!

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