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The WebCreationUK CMS 

Putting you in control of your website content…

Having fresh, up-to-date website content is crucial to improve your search engine rankings and attract new customers to your website.

We ensure that every website that we sell has updateable pages, allowing you to change website text and images via a web-based Content Management System(CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to review, re-use, edit, publish and manage the content of your website efficiently and effectively. In doing so helps to keep your site up-to-date and maximise the chances of your visitors returning time and time again.

If regular updating and management of your information is important to your business operation, then a content management system can provide many benefits and will allow content creators to submit content without requiring technical knowledge of HTML or the uploading of files.

r create a new Content Managed site for you or your business.

CMS Features:

Standard features overview…

  • Modify Text
  • Insert Pictures
  • Include External Hyperlinks
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Add Tables
  • Complete text control – bold, italics etc
  • Format text layout – left, right and centre alignment
  • Image library
  • Built in FTP for uploading images/files etc.
  • No software required
  • No training required
  • Password protected
  • Editable from any PC connected to the ‘Net
  • Unlimited use
  • No renewal licence
  • Complete Page Control
  • Complete Site Control

The CMS can allow a non-technical user to:

  • Be in complete control of a website’s content
  • Administer a site from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Manage a website without having to install additional software
  • Add/update images directly from PC to website
  • Manage the website without knowledge of FTP
  • Manage the website without any knowledge of HTML
  • Keep the site fresh and up-to-date

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